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Clean Slate America LLC

P.O. Box 1152

Baltimore, MD 21203

Ph: (443) 912-3205

"Working For Americans Who Are Being Denied Life, Liberty

And The Pursuit Of Happiness Due To A Criminal Record"

"My life changed for the better more then 13 years ago and it is still held against me. I am now a responsible adult with children to raise and bills to pay. Every time I apply for a good paying job I am knocked down and kicked aside." ~ Anonymous- Harford County, MD

Expungement is the removal of information from public view.

Expungement laws vary throughout the nation. Maryland law allows for the expungement of certain charges and dispositions. Clean Slate America, LLC has extensive experience in the Maryland expungement process. Numerous job readiness programs have contracted Clean Slate America, LLC to review their clients records and facilitate their expungements.

Expungement is only a part of the solution for individuals seeking employment. Training and acquired skills are not enough to secure employment when one has a criminal background. Clean Slate America, LLC works to build relationships with employers and industry insiders to help clients secure career positions. Clean Slate America, LLC advocates on behalf of job applicants.

We offer:

• Record Evaluation Services.

• Personalized Expungement Services.

• Expungement Consulting for Employment Programs.

• Free Instructional "How To" Workshops.

• Re-Entry Program Development.

• Statewide Service.

We offer Expungement services for Service Providers and Individuals.

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Clean Slate America, LLC submitted testimony to the State Senate to help facilitate the recent change in Expungement law.

In the same vein, we work as an advocate on behalf of those in need of policy change regarding expungement law and the Maryland Governor's Pardon.

Individuals and Providers

Call for an appointment

Ph: 443.912.3205